LSE DJ'S, a young group of DJ's, all in their 20's based out of the Northern VA, Washington DC area. A proficient team of professionals covering Sound & Lighting with many additional services. With over 10 Years Experience, LSE DJ'S is becoming a staple of the DMV for any event needs. 

A popular demand for LSE has caused a buzz throughout D.C., Maryland and Virginia. Their way of playing music is quite unique and is touched with a different style and elegance.

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A Short Interview with DJ Kaser, from LSE DJS.

 What is LSE? And what does it stand for?

          "LSE is an abbreviation for Lost Sounds Entertainment, a professional sound & lighting company based in the DMV area. LSE is more than just a company that provides DJ services; we make an attempt to connect with our clients in a unique and memorable way. We are given the opportunity to be involved in special moments with several different individuals, which is paramount to building a rapport with our clients.”

At such young ages, how did you all gain the experience?

         "Music is way of life, and with our passion for music, we dedicate ourselves in presenting a professional product for our clients. We gained experience from working with the best in the industry and evolved in our own identity. Our group is also relatively close in age, which makes it easier for us to connect with the new generation as well as the older generation. We all grew up and were raised during the Golden-Era of music, the 90's. For us to relate that music and combine it with the new-age music, it's definitely easier to diversify the crowd. Variations and varieties, at the end of the day - we want to make your event unique as you are."

Describe more about the LSE-Style? And what is 
next for LSE?
          "Our style speaks versatility, we have many genres of music in our arsenal. Playing for crowds that consists of different backgrounds is a challenge, but challenges are made to overcome. LSE is currently working on numerous projects, look out for news on LSE DJS on any social media platform. We have various music projects that have yet to be released, and will so in the future. With that said, be sure to stay tuned and prepared for more to come.”

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